About Us

I started Sugarpop Chic in February of 2020. I have always considered myself pretty creative from learning how to knit and crochet at the age of 9 from my Grandmother and growing that passion into a side business in high school selling hats to other kids I went to school customized with their names, an image, or even to look like a watermelon.

My dad has always been one of my biggest motivators in creating my small business and pushing me to be more than I am. He lost his battle with lung cancer when I was a senior in high school and the one way I wanted to keep my dad close to me was within the name of my business. Sugarpop was a nickname he had given me when I was a child and the tattoo I got in his handwriting that will be forever apart of my logo. Always pushing me to be better.

My shop has been a bit of ever changing ideas as I grow and change as a creator. One of my biggest passions has been paper goods. And now I travel this journey into making my shop into all things stationery. 

You can follow my journey on my socials; tiktok and instagram